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Passion makers and creative doers: it’s time to make each day count.  Turn your goals into outcomes and your actions into wins. Open the Craftsposure business planner and inside you’ll find a handcrafted system that allows you to organize your year, month and week, achieve your goals and find clarity in your business.

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Be more productive

The planning system is broken up into yearly, monthly and weekly segments.
The planner is undated, so start anytime of the year!

The productivity system has been inspired by Bullet Journal.
You can easily use the productivity tools and actions with my planner.

Yearly outlook

At the start of your year, you break down what you want to achieve and schedule your future projects using the Yearly Outlook. Every time you refer back to your Yearly Outlook, you’ll get a quick snapshot of the major things you want to accomplish. Often we get caught up in the small details. The Yearly Outlook makes sure that you never lose track of why you started and what you are working towards.

Yearly outlook creative planner

Monthly Overview

At the beginning of each month, you can refer back to the corresponding month in the Yearly Outlook and add important items to your Monthly Overview.  You can treat it like a calendar of your month ahead by including deadlines, events and tasks you need to stay on top of.

monthly overview craftsposure passion planner

Week to week

Finally, your week-to-week pages lets you plan your Monday to Sunday and cross out your to-do’s. What I’ve noticed with my own creative business, is that your tasks and projects will never be static. That’s why the weekly page has been formatted into two sections: the first page is an overview of Day-to-Day and the next page is a dot-grid for your tasks and notes.

The Day-to-Day page allows you to write down the meaningful tasks you want to achieve. You can choose to use this section to create the Top 3 most important tasks you want to achieve for the day.

On the next page, you can write down notes and all the secondary tasks you need to complete throughout the week.

Weekly view craftsposure diary planner agenda

Realize your purpose

Knowing your purpose from the start of your yearly journey is what turns your dreams into reality.

This planner is split into general goals and monthly goals.
The key to achieving success is being able to write down your goals and break them down into actionable chunks.

Yearly goal setting planner diary journal

Yearly goals

What do you want to achieve by the end of this year? Brainstorm six of your overall big idea goals with the Goals Page. Turn your to-do list into a step by step action plan and migrate your tasks to your Yearly Outlook pages so you can see exactly what you need to do this year (and how to get there).

Monthly goals tasks and budget tracker planner

Monthly goals

What do you want to achieve by the end of each month? Monthly goals prelude each month and you can break down your big idea visions into smaller bite-sized goals.  Based on your monthly goals, you can create a list of tasks that you can start to check off week by week.

One page business plan journal

One page business plan

Plan your business with the One Page Business Plan to set the tone for the rest of the year. It allows you to reflect on the things you’re kicking ass at (so you can keep doing it) and the areas that need some extra attention. Give yourself a quick birds-eye view of how you will take your business forward. And then at the end of the year, see how much you have achieved by filling out your Year in Review.

Inspire growth

Your business doesn’t start out big. It grows.

Plan and watch your business or creative project grow.
Inside you’ll find a monthly marketing calendar, a statistics tracker and monthly finance sheets.

Marketing calendar

Use your monthly marketing calendar to plan and execute marketing campaigns so that you are stress free for the rest of the month. Channels can include social media platforms, your blog, newsletter and any other marketing activities you use for your project. Plan posts, contests and blog topics all in one place. You can use the Marketing Calendar key to assign symbols to your tasks, or simply use a color code system using highlighters or colored pens.


Statistics + numbers tracker

Use the Website Traffic + Social Media Tracker to track your numbers and see just how much you are really growing. This can range from social media followers, website hits, mailing list subscriptions and even the number of sales you are making. At the beginning of the month write down your starting number and the goal you want to achieve that month. At the end of the month, come back to your Statistics segment and write down your final number for the month.  This is a great way to track your growth, feel motivated when you hit your goals and a starting point for you to pinpoint any weaknesses preventing you from growing at the rate you want.

Marketing calendar social media planner agenda diary

Monthly finances

You can ensure you are reaching your monthly revenue targets with income goals and use the budget sheets to keep your expenses in check. Use the Income section to track your streams of income. You can include up to 4 streams such as your 9 to 5 paycheck, your Etsy shop, income from markets and fairs or any other forms of cha-ching.

The Expenses section allows you to see how much money you’re spending on items, services and subscriptions for your business. It will help you think twice about your spending and impulse buys turn into meaningful purchases.

Monthly goals tasks and budget tracker planner

Turn your vision into reality

Vision is a call to become a better version of ourselves.
To become something more. Something amazing.

The Craftsposure business planner is made for creatives.
And so inside, you’ll find the perfect tools to inspire your creativity and fine tune your vision towards creative success.

Note pages agenda diary planner craftsposure

Monthly vision pages

Creativity is contagious. These are your wildcard pages to success. What’s something in your life that you want to record?  Notes should never be confined to the very last few pages of your planner. With monthly vision pages, you can turn your business planner into anything you want. Make it your sketchbook, your gratitude journal, your habit tracker, food planner, exercise planner or shopping list. Or simply doodle, cut+paste and wreck the vision pages for every month.

Craftsposure journal intention setting

Set your intention

What is your intention or personal message of affirmation for yourself? Write yourself a personal note at the back of the planner. Let yourself flick back to this reminder when you feel yourself steering off course.

Support the makers

Find gorgeous artwork throughout the Craftsposure business planner contributed by artists in the Craftsposure community around the world. Inspire yourself with artwork by: Eva Magill-Oliver, WildxKindred, Hello Miss May, MR Studio London, Little Truths Studio, Tasha Boucher, MAJA MADE, Liz Payne, Laci Fowler, Birch Bliss, Gabri Joy Studios, Richelle Bergen, Junk and Glitter, Dash and Ash.

A sample of the art you’ll find inside the planner:

Craftsposure artist contribution planner


256 pages
125mm x 190mm 5 x 7.5”
350grams 0.8lbs
Full color pages
Weekly layout (Monday to Sunday)
Undated start anytime!
Linen hard cover in charcoal with a hint of blue
Cover features gold foil lettering detail
2 x ribbon markers
100GSM thick white paper


Yearly calendar
Yearly outlook
One page business plan
Yearly big picture goals
Monthly overview
Monthly goals
Monthly tasks
Monthly finance tracker
Monthly marketing calendar
Monthly statistics tracker
Monthly vision/note pages
Week-to-week + weekly task pages (undated)
My year in review
Personal intention


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