8 ideas that will help you overcome your creative block

Ever feel like you’re running out of ideas for content to post on Instagram?

Constantly coming up with new and fresh ideas can be a huge challenge! Today’s post will help you beat the creative block. Hopefully you’ll end up feeling inspired!

First, keep in mind that if you haven’t begun creating your brand voice as part of your social media presence, now is a great time to start. Ask yourself: what are the qualities, values (or really any adjective) I want my brand to stand for? Jot it all down in a list to help refine your brand voice.

Instagram is a fun place! It will always depend on your exact niche, but in general you should feel free to use humor or at least a light-hearted tone as you showcase your personality.

Okay now that we’ve covered the basics, here are 8 content ideas to share on Instagram:


#1 Create a flat lay.

Everyone loves a flat lay

Everyone loves a flat lay – they’re everywhere! They absolutely have the potential to be gorgeous and inviting.

If you’re new to designing flat lays, here are some tips:

1. Pick out a color scheme.

I recommend keeping things simple and giving your image a consistent theme by choosing just 2-3 colors. Most flat lays look best with a more neutral background like white, or maybe you’ll decide to use a floor, desk, or table. All of these can work well!

2. Tell a story.

The elements of your flat lay can create a narrative. You might title it “Lazy Sunday” and place a coffee cup, blanket, etc. on your background. See how that’s more compelling than objects that just happen to look good together? You can really experiment and have fun with this one!

3. Don’t be afraid of empty space.

Less is more! You might want one image to be the visual centerpiece of your flat lay (even if it’s not literally in the center). But don’t feel like you need to fill up the background. The white space or other neutral background can be very eye-catching as users scroll through their feeds.

4. Take advantage of natural light.

If you don’t have indoor lighting you love, it’s nice to simply to go outside, especially in the morning before the sun is glaring overhead. And if you find it’s a cloudy, overcast day? That’s even better! You’re much more likely to have neutral and balanced light.

5. Add some awesome filters.

Experiment with filters that highlight the detail of your photo, the color palette, and make the background of your image stand out. You can also increase the photo’s brightness to make the colors pop a bit more, or adjust your image’s structure and contrast. Use your imagination!


#2 Take your followers behind the scenes or show them your workspace.

Take your followers behind the scenes

You can always share a progress shot of what you’re working on. First show them the unfinished stage of your work, then the finished product itself.

Or, take a photo of your workspace to show your followers where the magic happens! Where do you take your breaks, brainstorm, or meet with your team (even virtually)? What are you having for lunch? Everything is fair game – it’s all about what your followers would love to see.

Maybe you have something extra-special just around the corner: a launch or other promotion, or a photoshoot or website/online shop redesign. Most of your followers probably don’t get a chance to experience these types of moments in their daily lives. Use your Instagram feed as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass – it’s a blast to get to see what other people are up to!


#3 Share what inspires you.

Share what inspires you

Keep a swipe file of other users’ photos of arts and crafts that inspire you, then repost!

It sounds pretty self explanatory, but there are some best practices for this:

1. Get permission.
Always ask permission from the photo’s creator, whether it’s leaving a comment on the image itself or sending a DM. Put some thought into your comment about the photo, then clearly ask if it’s okay for you to share the image with her permission.

If she doesn’t respond or of she says no, then of course don’t share the image. But social media is about sharing, so odds are good that most Instagram users will be happy you’re interested in sharing their photos!

2. Try to share the image in its original form.
To avoid offending someone by tampering with her work, avoid edits if you can. If you absolutely must make adjustments (this happens sometimes!) reach back out and ask permission.

3. Give proper credit
Most importantly of all, don’t forget to include the original poster’s username in the caption. It’s professional to give someone credit for creating high-quality, shareable goodies. :)

The most efficient way to give attribution is to state it outright by saying something like:

  • “Photo Credit: @username”
  • “Credit: @username”
  • “Captured by @username”


#4 Create a timelapse video of your creation process.

Create a timelapse video of your creation process

Timelapse videos are sped up to show the recorded footage unfolding in a much shorter timeframe. You can record yourself making your creations, then create a video that makes it all happen in seconds!

To do this with Instagram, you’ll use a feature called Hyperlapse. It’s simple!

  1. Look at the app’s homescreen, then tap the circle at the bottom. During recording you’ll see a timer on the left that tells you how long your actual recording is. You’ll also see a timer on the right that shows how long your timelapse video will be. To stop recording, simply tap the same circle again.
  2. Select a speed for your video by using the slider. If you don’t make any changes, the speed will be set at 6x by default. (A 6x speed means your Hyperlapse video will be 6 times faster than what you’ve recorded. A 60-second video at 6x becomes a 10 second timelapse video.)
  3. To save the video to your device’s camera roll, tap the checkmark on the top right of the screen.

Bonus: when you create these timelapse videos, the footage will automatically have a cinematic look. Fun!


#5 Share a quote your followers will love.

Share a quote your followers will love

Quotes can be inspirational, funny, thoughtful, or provocative. They’re definitely a timeless and effective choice for creating shareable content. Find a quote you love and that you know will speak to your followers. You can hunt these quotes down on Pinterest and repost, or design them yourself!


#6 Share your customer-created photos of your products.

Share your customer-created photos of your products

Have your customers been posting images of your work? Why not share them with your followers? Your job gets a little easier and your customers are happy you’ve reposted and included them. It’s a win-win!

You can also take this a step further by turning it into a contest. Have followers submit their own photos, then choose the best ones to post. The criteria and prizes are all up to you!


#7 Hashtag-based content

Hashtag-based content

The now-classic hashtags like #tbt (Throwback Thursday) can help you come up with some great content ideas – have a look through your old photos to see what inspires you.

Which hashtags are used most in your space? You might start with those. Or, dive into some of the most popular Instagram hashtags out there. Could any of these fit with your brand or give you some inspiration?

  • #followme
  • #fashion
  • #happy
  • #me
  • #cute
  • #beautiful
  • #photooftheday
  • #instagood
  • #love

You can also these as a jumping-off point and create your own hashtags!


#8 Shoutout to someone in your space.

Shoutout to someone in your space

Get in touch with another maker and agree to do a shoutout for each other. It’s simple: you post a photo of hers, whilst she posts a photo of yours. Don’t forget to tag each other!

…Maybe you can even connect down below in the comments? :)

Or, just let us know what you do whenever you’re feeling a little low on ideas for content to post on Instagram. I’d love to hear all about it!



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