A guide to crafting a beautiful Instagram feed

Long gone are the days where we use Instagram to snap the food we just ate and upload shameless selfies before a big night out.
The candid snaps are still a focal point of Instagram, but when you’re a business – you’ve gotta be more strategic.

But I see too many strategies on acquiring Instagram followers focused on the numbers.

What about the quality of the content?


Let’s break down the numbers

You follow 20 new accounts in hope that these people will check out your account and follow you back:

  • 15 of them check out your account
  • 7 of them interact with you (like or comment on one of your images)
  • Only 3 decide to follow you back


Now, my goal isn’t to bring more viewers to an Instagram account.
My goal is to get more people to turn that blue follow button green.
How cool would it be if you followed 20 new accounts, and all 20 accounts followed you back?

This is called increasing your conversion rate.

You are converting your visitors into new followers.
Your conversion rate doesn’t just apply to your followers number.
How many of your followers like your photos?
And how many of these interactions turn into a sale?
Knowing these numbers and more importantly, knowing how to increase these numbers is your ticket to gaining more Instagram followers.

One sure fire way of increasing your conversion rate is to post quality images.
Beautiful sells.
Consistency sticks.
And admit it; you’re more likely to follow an Instagram account if you find the photos genuinely pretty? Right?

So here are my tips to help you craft a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed that will get you more followers.


Shoot your photos in bright light

Taking your snaps when the sun is out will result in beautiful, bright photos. Light will help to bring out the details in your photos. Not to mention its super flattering!

Photos taken with bad lighting usually results in a loss of detail, graininess or a blurry photo.


Edit your photos

Playing around with the Photo Editing tools in your Instagram app can quickly take your photos from eh to wow.

Brightness – I abuse the brightness function perhaps more than I should. Don’t be afraid to jump your brightness up to give your photos the crisp white look.

Contrast – I increase the contrast slightly to give the colours in an image more pop.

Warmth – When shooting indoors, I usually run into the dreaded yellow photo curse. It doesn’t help that my apartment walls are painted in warm cream. Adjusting the warmth down will give your photo a nice minimalist stark white look.

Saturation – I use the saturation tool when posting brightly coloured photos. Saturation helps to bring the colours out even more when used subtly.

Shadows and Highlights – I don’t use these functions very often. However, sometimes when you brighten your picture, you might find that your image loses some detail. Increasing your shadow setting will help darken the edges and corners of your objects again.

Sharpen – When used sparingly, sharpening your photos can result in a crisp and clear finish. I sharpen images when uploading photos of very detailed products (like embroidery or artwork).

You can also use a third party editing app like VSCO Cam to give your photos more oomph.


Look at your Instagram feed as a big picture

To create a consistent feed, you need to view your Instagram as a whole rather than lots of separate images.When you are posting an image, think about how it will look like next to your other photos. This means that all your photos should have a consistent element or theme to tie them together.


Follow a theme

Settling on a theme or style can help you direct your shoots and look for similar elements. Your theme should be a style or ‘look’ that you love and would like to replicate in your images.

I’ve highlighted a few of my fave Instagrammers and how they use themes to mesh their photos together.


Crisp minimalism

@canarygrey uses a minimalist approach to her photos. There is a lot of white. A lot of bright. Bold edges. And a lot of negative space.

Crisp minimalism


Dark + moody

@ameliemancini achieves beauty in her photos by using dark backdrops and elements to frame her handmade items.

Dark and moody filters


Pastel brights

@cestmaria uses bright coloured backgrounds and a minimalist approach as a recurring element in her Instagram.

Cest Maria instagram images


A pop of pink and blue

@noellekramer uses shades of pink and blue and beautiful sunsets throughout her images. The result? A beautiful, consistent and pretty lookin’ feed.

Noelle Kramer instagram images

Your feed can follow any theme you want.
The main rule is to stay consistent.


Be strategic in what you post next

Whenever I post a new image to my feed I always think about what it looks like next to:

  • My previous post and;
  • My third post


Why do I focus on the first and third photo?
Simply because when you upload, your new image will appear next to the previous photo and above the third photo.
I analyze my image to make sure that it fits in and is balanced against the other two images.
This helps me hone in my focus to just 3 images. Instead of trying to figure out if my photo is consistent with my entire feed.

Before I hit the upload button, here are some of the factors I consider first:

  • The colours of the latest post should match or coordinate with the first and third photo.
  • If the first and third post are detail heavy, the newest photo should be clean and simple to balance out any chaos.

Don’t be afraid to go through your Instagram feed on a regular basis to delete any images that just don’t fit. I regularly conduct an Instagram purge to keep my feed fresh and the new ideas flowing.


I hope this guide has been useful. Crafting a beautiful Instagram feed is not hard. You just have to be strategic and keep posting until you find a consistent theme.
Please comment below if you have any other tips to add or if you have any questions you’d like answered about Instagram branding.

You can also see how I integrate my tips over at my very own Craftsposure Instagram feed.


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    You are absolutely right about everything you said! Conversion and engagement are the things that are hard to measure but crucial for a sustainable growth. Third party apps may come in handy, especially the ones that can automate routine actions such as filtering your followings. i deal with this task by using fast-unfollow.com, it’s the fastest such app i could find with the rate of 5000 unfollows per day. Another vital app is postso.com, it can schedule the posting time so you fit in the best time frame for your region or niche. there’s athing i’d like to ask: does anybody know any apps to create collages in your gallery? i’ve seen many people creating patterns of 6 posts forming one image, but i don’t want to do it manually, can anyone suggest some ways to do it?

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  • My biggest problem with my feed is lack of consistency. I love trying out new ways to edit and it results in a pretty but slight inconsistent looking feed. I need to choose a style and stick to it. I just love trying new things so much that I feel like creatively I would get bored editing the same way all the time. Thanks for the awesome tips. Jx

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    This is great but I’m wanting to add a theme to my feed as well as posting pictures of my daily life like pictures of me, with my friends, places I go, food I eat.. not some random things like a colorful pretty thing against a white background. Help please!

    • Steve Fotiadis

      If you want that you can always make a new account to upload your everyday photos……This is what I do?

  • melissa

    Thanks for this brilliant article. Some really useful tips! Im wanting to create a pattern on my feed where one column features images in a circle. Is there an app for that? Ive seen a couple other accounts achieve this look and love it but wondered whether there’s a simpler rule than the 3rd image posting one mentioned?

    • Ria

      Thanks for the comment Melissa! You don’t need to take the 3rd image rule too strictly. It just helps as a guideline. You can also simply give a quick swipe over your feed everytime you prepare your next post as well. You’ll retain visual cues and naturally start thinking of ways you can ‘match’ the photo your working on to the rest of your feed. For the circle, I did a quick search in the App store for “photo shape crop” and there are a few different options for apps that come up. I haven’t used any in particular so I don’t have any personal recommendations, sorry! I hope this helps and good luck – Ria xo

  • Kimberly Driedger

    Thank you for this EXTREMELY helpful guide! Here’s my question though, I have my account with currently only 1700 followers and less than 700 pictures from the past few years. Is it better to start a fresh account and lose all those followers? I started a new feed and sadly have only 430 people as of now, but the feed looks MUCH better. Should I wait it out and see what happens? I hate losing all the likes from some of my more popular posts, but love the cleanliness of the new feed. What do you think? I would love your opinion, and thank you for creating this blog entry!

    Old IG: kimberlydriedger
    New IG: kimberlyinwanderlust

    • Ria

      Hi Kimberly, thanks for the comment! Another option is to delete the photos that you don’t really like or you feel is out of place once you’ve built up enough new content. Growth is also a great thing. It’s so interesting scrolling through feeds of hugely popular Instagrammers and see their feeds transform. Just like anything; practice, trial and error and consistency will help you figure out the feel of your Instagram account and what your followers like the most. Don’t feel bad about the followers , you’ll find the one’s that stick with you are the ones that matter! Your feed looks fab! Ria xo

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    Artist & Style Blogger | http://www.myohhmy.com
    Instragram feed if you’re intersted in checking out my progress: myohhmy

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    I think my Insta is a pretty good example of what you’re talking about here (not to sound cocky)

    I follow a grey and blue color scheme and post quotes into my actual feed


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    What you wrote on your article it’s true and I agree with you but a
    lot of people are interested on “Number”… because number is simple to

    “I have a lot of follower so I can sell you my space a lot…”
    but they don’t remember that “CONVERSION IS THE KING” to create a trust and useful relation.

    in my experience I noticed that it’s very useful to have a strategy
    before to publish. Because the strategy allow you to make a better
    In my Instagram Account you can see some experiments:
    Here it’s also visible an instagram grid :


  • Francesco Micali

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    Some great tips here. Another tool your readers might like is Zine https://www.zine.so

    Rather than just letting you embed your Instagram feed it quickly lets you build a custom site that’s powered by your Instagram feed.

    You just login using your Instagram account, then you can select from a number of layout, typography and colour schemes. Once your happy you can then connect your domain name.


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