[FREE] How to get more Instagram followers: an ebook to double your IG following

Free ebook on how to get more instagram followers

Hey creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers and social media folk on Instagram, this one’s for you: I wrote an ebook about how you can tap into Instagram, find your tribe and build your following. Inside, I’ve created a foundation to start Instagram building and read about how I grew @craftsposure’s following from 0 to 100k followers in one year. 

With 500 million active users and booming engagement rates, Instagram is becoming the social media platform that can help you promote your products or your brands.
The secret to becoming successful at Instagram is straightforward too: find your people and convince them to join your tribe. 

Your people. Your followers.

Do you know what this means for you?

  • More traffic to your website
  • More sales or clients
  • More signups
  • More professional opportunities

Whatever your goal is, Instagram can be a powerful way to tap into your community and convert them into business opportunities.


My story


About a year and a half ago I started the @craftsposure Instagram account as a community to help promote handmade makers, Etsy sellers and artisans. In one year the account ticked over the 100k follower milestone, and today I’ve grown the community to over 250k followers using the strategies found in my ebook.

Instagram has been my biggest source of soul building for my business. After all, you might be able to get traffic from search engines, sales from paid promos but Instagram has been what ties my community together.

So if you want to get more instagram followers, perhaps double your current following, or even triple, quadruple it…

Here’s what I’m going to teach you:


How to find your target audience on Instagram


At the heart of your Instagram strategy is figuring out who actually wants to see your stuff. Without the right audience, you’ll find that you won’t be getting the engagement that you want. By building a strong tribe of people who love everything about what you do, you can quickly drive your tribe to your shop or website. Find out where to find them, how you can use hashtags to discover their interests and strategies to grow your Instagram following into a highly targeted group of active members.


How to create content that is relevant to your audience


Being a visual platform, it is essential to nail your aesthetic strategy on Instagram. In the ebook I’ll cover the best types of visual content to post, how to create content that is not only pretty, but has a goal to solve problems faced by your tribe.


How to get more Instagram engagement with your posts


Do you want more likes, hearts, comments and reposts on Instagram? The key to increasing engagement on Instagram is to prompt your tribe to take action. Don’t let them sit back and be passive. The ebook covers strategies on actively engaging with your tribe, making them feel part of a community rather than a following.


How to design a beautiful Instagram feed


How do you convert people who visit your feed into followers? If you’ve ever been compelled to pick up a book because it had a well designed cover, you’ll find out that Instagram runs on a similar vein. If you want to get more followers, a consistent Instagram feed can help you leap miles ahead of your competition. Discover strategies to theme your Instagram and what aesthetic strategies to think about when you’re putting up your next post.


How to leverage your existing community to grow your following


The cheapest form of marketing is word of mouth. Never forget about your existing follower base. Just think: all your followers have on average around 200 followers of their own. Imagine how many people you can reach using the power of the network you’ve already built on Instagram. Learn about shoutouts and cross promotions to really drive the growth of your Instagram.


So, are you in? Grab the book below! Best of all it’s FREE. All I ask is that if you’ve found it useful, to share it with someone else who will find it valuable.

Grow your business with instagram


Would you like to learn how to double your IG following?


Download my free ebook guide on how you can start mastering Instagram today! It’s 50+ pages of actionable insights and examples to help you grow your IG following.

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