Overcoming Comparison in Business

Do you sometimes find yourself comparing your business with others? (Maybe a little more often than just sometimes?)

Yep, me too.

So you’re definitely not alone – we’ve all done it! Looking around at successful creative business owners in your space is a great way to learn what works and to get inspired. But before you know it, you can find yourself feeling disheartened, like your offerings aren’t good enough – even when nothing could be further from the truth.

Today I want to share my tried-and-true methods for curing myself of the dreaded “comparisonitis” and embracing my own business journey in all its glory.


#1 STOP.

This is the hard one, but give it your best shot! Do the very best you can to stop comparing your results, progress, and outcomes with your competitors or other businesses in your space.

I know, easier said than done, right? :)

But it’s best to stop the comparisons today, because once you start comparing businesses, where does it end? It’s a slippery slope! One day in the back of your mind you may find yourself deciding that you as a person aren’t good enough. And how crazy is that?! There’s only one of you in this entire world – and we need you, just as you are.

This feeling of not being good enough can creep up on any of us, so it’s best to make a conscious effort to stop comparing as soon as possible. Here’s what to think about instead…


#2. Focus on YOU.

Recognize the one-of-a-kind gifts you bring to your business. You are your own person with a unique business, so why expect your business growth or other accomplishments to happen along the same timeline as someone else’s?

Don’t get me wrong: if you see someone in your space with skills you’d like to add to your arsenal, don’t hesitate to step up your game and learn something new. Just make sure you’re doing it because it will enrich your own business and your own journey, not because you think you’ll be able to keep up with someone else.


#3. Celebrate!

It’s so important to celebrate your own accomplishments and others’ accomplishments, too.

When someone else shares a win, celebrate with them! There are more than enough wins to go around. There are enough clients, customers, gigs and creativity in the world for everyone. When you deeply believe that, you’ll have the capacity to celebrate other people’s success. And that’s an amazing feeling!

Make sure you’re reaching out to others in your space whenever you can. When we feel as though we’re all in this crazy business life together (which we are!) jealousy can soon turn into joy and encouragement.

Don’t forget to celebrate your own wins, too! Did you have a recent success? It can be big or small – just share your feelings of happiness and excitement with others and focus on these feelings. And positive thoughts have a wonderful way of multiplying.


Got a recent WIN of your own that you’d like to celebrate? Share it in the comments so we can all cheer you on!




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  • Courtney Chase

    Wow, awesome post! This is just what I needed : )

    • Ria

      Hey Coutrney! Thank you so much! That’s lovely to hear.