Everyone dreaming about success

Stop chasing success

Who doesn’t dream of success?
Who doesn’t dream of having so much money that you can buy anything in the world without looking at the price tag?
Who doesn’t dream of being known, admired, recognised and famous?


There’s this legend that I love about a husband and wife who were given the opportunity to have anything in the world they wanted.
They wanted money, clothes, a bigger house and to be well known in their field. But they couldn’t decide on what they wanted the most.

And so a little Irish leprechaun who was granting the couple their wish told them this instead:
“For this, I will not grant any wish of yours. But, since you are in need, I will give you a hint. I have hidden a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now, all you have to do is find it”

And with that, the couple embarked on their journey to search for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


It’s a funny little story isn’t it?

We keep chasing rainbows, looking for that pot of gold. Even though we know that the end of the rainbow is simply a perception. It’s all just a visual trick of the mind.

Success isn’t that much different.

Your idea of success might be different from mine. But success for most, is attaining something greater than what you have right now.

So what happens when you reach your milestones?

A 6 figure revenue number?
Then what?
Your own place to call home and a flashy new car?
Then what?
An early retirement and jetsetting around the world every few months?
And then what…?


If you consistently chase success by unlocking achievements and milestones, you’ll never reach that pinnacle of success; or find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
It doesn’t come in the next paycheck, your next purchase, your next escape or your next relationship. It’ll never be enough.

Instead, success should be measured by the intentional actions you take.
These are the actions that fulfil purpose in your own life and offers value to those around you:
Are you doing something you truly care about?
Does your work help, motivate or inspire people around you?

If you can find contentment in the work you do, then that is success. Because you understand that your work is driven by purpose, not attainment.
It’s appreciating the mundane activities you do everyday and the little steps you take each day to grow. This doesn’t mean you can’t have goals and outcomes to strive for.
I want you to keep growing, learning and doing. Just don’t let those goals define your success.

So, stop chasing the end of your rainbow. But stand back, see the beauty, your purpose and appreciate it for everything that it already is.

How do you define your success?

Ria xo

Image background by Creative Convex

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  • Katherine Bielefeldt

    This is so true, and we don’t realize about it sometimes. I love that frase.. by purpose, not attainment. I´ts all about. Thanks Ria for this motivational blog for artists and makers!

    • Ria

      Everyone needs a little pick me up once in a while! I’m glad you liked it.