The simple way to get people to love your work

How do I get more people to see my products?
How do I get more people to buy my stuff?
How do I get more people to read my blog?
Will people even like what I’m making?

These are questions that you have probably asked yourself over and over again.
But you know what, these questions won’t help you get any closer to your goals.
Because you’re asking the wrong questions.

 If you want people to care about what you do. If you want people to rally behind you. Believe in you. Pay for your products because they think you are genuinely awesome.

Then it’s pretty simple.
You need to care about them first.

Once you stop caring about how well you are doing. Or how you can catch up to your competitors, that’s when you start to focus on what’s important. Your people.

Your people want to feel like they are valued. And by focusing your energy on the value that you can provide them, ultimately you are giving a reason for others to believe in you.

Give back, start sharing and do so without the need for reciprocation.
You could try:

  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise with free tutorials that relate back to your product.
  • Offering free downloads, goodies and templates for your customers and audience to use.
  • Offering initial trials or samples.
  • Creating products with a conscience. Donate a portion to charity or use environmentally sustainable materials.
  • Personalizing notecards and messages to your customers.
  • Reaching out to help as many people as you can.

When you put others first, something peculiar happens. People start caring about you.

And the outcome is infectious. You’ll crop up in conversations. Your work will be tossed around and shared in a global community. And people will want to give back to you.

Now, the only thing left is for you to give them something to care about.

How do you make people care about you?

  • Be transparent about who you are. Share your story, your experiences, your behind-the-scenes and your lessons learnt.
  • Explore the story of your products. Are you using socially responsible materials? Were you taught how to knit by your grandmother? Be proud and share it!
  • Listen to what your customers say. When feedback comes your way, good or bad: listen. Stay positive. And take action.
  • Be honest. If something is going completely wrong. If you’ve had to push orders back, that’s totally OK. Everybody appreciates honesty. After all, it’s much harder to admit that you’re wrong. We’re all humans here after all.

When you value people and people value you, something amazing happens. You become accountable for your social impact. You (yes you!) can make someone’s day. You can make someone smile. Teach someone a new skill. Or simply inspire someone to start crafting. 

This amazing sense of purpose will keep driving you when days are down, sales are on a slump and your business looks like a large lump of cloudy haze.

As cliché as it sounds, put people first and everything else will kind of fit into place.


I would love to hear if you’ve ever used the people first approach when it comes to business!

Ria june

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  • Great reminder of the important priority of people, Ria…thank you!

    • Ria

      Yep people first has always worked a treat! Thank you for reading x

  • Nat

    Thanks for this blog post Ria, this has been something which I’ve overlooked in my business. I can totally see you living and breathing by what you spoke about ie. caring about your audience!! You’re a great inspiration Ria!
    I have used one of the approaches ie. personalised messages, I think is a great way to add that extra level of customer experience especially with online stores where it is hard to interact face to face :)

    • Ria

      Thanks for all your support Nat! Personal messages is always a great way to make your customers feel special :)

  • Amanda Ilkov

    This is great advice Ria. Earlier this year I started to give away monthly design freebies on my websites blog ( They’re a lot of work, but it’s become a really valuable way of connecting with new customers, and gaining their trust. Once they’ve had a chance to evaluate the freebies, they have a sense of the quality they can expect from me. Next goal is to write tutorials, but that’s all new to me, to I’m a little scared to start! 😉

    • Ria

      Thanks Amanda! I’m so happy that the freebies has worked for you – it’s also a great way to give back to all the people who have supported you :) Best of luck with your tutorials, once you start it won’t be so scary! Ria

  • Michelle Markling

    Thank you for the slice of inspiration. I am in the midst of my Etsy shop tiltingdaisies launch and your information is timely.

    • Ria

      Thanks Michelle! Best of luck with the tiltingdaisies launch :) Ria

  • Candice Casarah Watts

    This is wonderful advise! I always handwrite personalized notes with every item I ship. And if I have a repeat customer who has befriended me on Facebook or other social media, I tend to let them know through those that the item has been shipped or is delayed or what have you. I am considering doing some freebies for my Instagram following. Not sure how I would go about doing this as I have never had any type of contest or giveaway yet. Plus, I normally sell either through Etsy or Facebook so I’m not sure how Instagram would work. Lol but thank you for all the helpful advice!

    • Ria

      Thanks Candice! What you’re doing for your customers is wonderful…I know that kind of service is hard to find anywhere else :) Good luck with your contests and freebies…Instagram is a great channel to use once you’ve had a play with it and plenty of people willing to connect with you and get involved with your giveaways. Ria xo

  • What a great article and piece of advise! Thank you so much. I have been giving personalized handwritten thank you notes to my clients when I deliver their wedding invitation orders. It’s a short note thanking them for the trust they gave me in making their invites and a short prayer that may God bless them with a lasting and loving marriage. That has always been my prayer for every couple I worked with. For the handmade paper wallets I make, I add a small info how where the paper came from and who made them and how they (customers) help in uplifting the lives of the local artisans. I may have to look into sharing some tutorials though, as you have mentioned above. Thank you so much. Love reading all your helpful articles.

  • this is so true – I have built up great relationships with customers, and the most rewarding job is one where you are involved in some small way with someones special requirement – I have made books with wedding proposals in for a young man who had written a poem to propose with, retirement books, books celebrating love( done a few of those!) The feedback you get from making something special is the greatest buzz I get. I wish I coul promote myself better to show my commission side. I work on that alot. Great blog you have, and so good looking! I am learning Instagram at the minute, which is where I found this. [email protected]