Ultimate guide to going viral with Instagram Pods

You’re wrapped up in bed. There’s a little sun peeking through the window. It’s cozy. It’s warm. Quite frankly, after spending all of yesterday perfecting your flat lay you deserve this! You’ve worked hard for it! But…you just can’t enjoy it. There’s this niggling feeling in the back of your mind. You just can’t resist. You need to check your phone….you need to know how that post went? With a little hesitation you pick up your phone and check.

JUST 10 LIKES?! Huh?! I spent the whole day working on it!”

If this sounds like a day in the life of your Instagram journey then you’re not alone. Not everyone gets viral-like engagement on their posts.

But….that doesn’t mean you cant growth hack your way to going viral. If you want to seriously boost your engagement, get more followers and truly build your tribe you need to get an Instagram Pod.

Huh? What? Who? Read on and find out more!


What are Instagram Pods?

Instagram pods allow you to connect with likeminded bloggers and influencers to help get your posts to go viral.

These pods, usually comprised of 10-15 members, are designed to boost engagement on each of your posts by having a core group of followers (aka pod members) that consistently like and comment on your content. Pod members will go out of their way to like and comment on your posts each time you share them. This helps boost your engagement and helps get you onto the Explore Page.


How do Instagram Pods Work?

Now it’s all well and good that people are liking and commenting on your posts but….you’re trying to go viral here. 10-15 people commenting and liking just isn’t going to cut it, right?

Think again. Having early and strong engagement on your posts increases your chances of getting onto the Explore Page. Why does that matter? Read on.


What is the Explore Page?

In mid 2016 with the release of Instagram 2.5.0 a dark world emerged. No I kid, probably the most significant thing to happen on that day was the death of the Popular Page. Remember? That page that used to show what was trending on Instagram (mainly photos liked by the Belieber clan). The Popular Page was replaced by the Explore Page. A bigger, better, brainier….beast.

Ever wondered why your feed is filled with the latest #crafsposure posts? It’s probably because you’ve liked some of my content before. The Explore Page is customised for every Instagrammer based on what types of posts they’ve liked and commented on in the past. The algorithm is tuned to show you posts which you’re most likely to enjoy seeing based on your historical like patterns.

So…if you’ve liked a HUGE number of posts that showcase creative work. Chances are when you scroll on over to your Explore Page, you’ll likely see a whole lot more creative work. If you’ve liked woodwork, you guessed it, chances are high that you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more content on woodworking.

Getting onto the Explore Page is a big deal because it means that your content is getting show to a large amount of people that like similar posts to yours.

So how do you get onto the Explore Page?


Engagement matters…seriously

Engagement is the foundation of Instagram’s platform. So, it makes sense that in order to get to the Explore Page you have to have highly engaging content.

Instagram has a preference for showing posts that have significant engagement. The faster a particular post gets engagement the better it’s going to perform. If your post gets a higher and increasingly level of engagement as time goes on the better the chance the post has of getting featured on the Explore Page.


Photo A

Posted at 9am

Gets 10 likes within first 5 minutes

Gets 15 likes within first 10 minutes

Photo B

Posted at 9am

Gets 10 likes in first 5 minutes

Gets 30 likes within first 10 minutes

Photo A and photo B are posted at the exact same time on the same day.  Post A gets 10 likes within the first 5 minutes and a total of 15 likes within the first 10 minutes of the post being up. Photo B also gets 10 likes within the first 5 minutes and gets a total of 30 within the first 10 minutes.

Which one is more likely to get up on the Explore Page?

If you picked Photo B…you would be right! Photo B has an increasing rate of engagement. Within the first 5 minutes it had 10 likes. But within the next 5 minutes it had 20 likes. Its engagement rate accelerated by 100%! If you take a look at Photo A, it too had 10 likes within the first 5 minutes. But instead of increasing engagement it went the other way. It collected 5 likes within the next 5 minutes or, in other words a 50% decrease in engagement.

Why engagement is important for Instagram

How Can Instagram Pods Get You to The Explore Page

Alright, let’s tie it all together now. Instagram pods boost engagement by getting eyes onto your post early on. Your pod mates help increase engagement early on by liking and commenting on your post. This signals to Instagram’s algorithm that your content is AWESOME.

This in turn, boosts your chances of making it onto the Explore Page. And once you make it there…the sky’s the limit. Content that gets featured on the Explore Page has a higher chance of going viral because it’s organically shown to people who like posts similar to yours. This means you’re reaching more potential followers without spending a dime.

Once your post starts collecting traction Instagram will start to show it to an increasing number of users. If your post continues to perform well (get a lot of engagement) then the cycle continues and it gets shown to a larger amount of Instagrammers. If it performs well enough…well, you GO

So by now you’re probably rearing to start your own pod, right?

Want to get on fast track? Imagine if you could get access to an already established Pod? One packed with movers and shakers that are ready to help boost your content?

Say hello to the IGTRIBE:Instagram Course. I’ve carefully laid out the process that I used to scale my Instagram account to 300,000 followers. There’s 8 weeks worth of lessons, videos, readings and visual examples so you can CRAFT YOUR TRIBE! Plus…you get access to my Instagram Pod!

Take your Instagram account to the next level. Get the course HERE!

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Going viral with instagram pods

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