Five Minute Instagram Growth:
The Free Instagram Training Course
to help you get more followers

Five days.
Five Instagram growth lessons.
Five minutes a day.
It’s completely free.
Are you ready to…
1. Build your Instagram tribe by getting more followers?
2. Create images that will increase your Instagram engagement with more likes & comments?
3. Beat the Instagram algorithm and have your photos seen more?

Hi I’m Ria! Learn how I grew my Instagram following from 0 to 300,000 strong.

2 years ago I started my Instagram journey and I’ve since grown my account, @craftsposure to a tribe of 300,000 makers and creative entrepreneurs.

I help creatives and small business owners how they can use Instagram to build a community, take better photos and grow their following.  

Now, I want to help YOU, so I’ve made this free Instagram ecourse to get you started. The workshop is filled with Instagram strategies that I’ve personally used to get 300,000 followers and build my tribe.

The strategies you’ll learn in Five Minute Instagram Growth

In five days, you’ll receive five actionable tasks that will take you five minutes to implement and play with. Don’t be fooled though, it’s the small actions that = big growth.

How to use the right hashtags on Instagram. Understand the importance of hashtags in your overall Instagram strategy and how you should be using them effectively.

Find your target audience on InstagramDiscover who your community is and start building your tribe by finding and engaging with your fans.

Take better Instagram photos. Learn what an engaging Instagram picture looks like and be inspired to experiment with photography techniques.

Promote your products or services. Learn how to share what you’re doing and making in an authentic and intentional way on Instagram.

Beat the Instagram algorithm. Engage. Engagement. Engaging! Get the low down on how to get more likes and comments on your photo, create content that people want to engage with and how you can get yourself on the explore feed.

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