Stop thinking.
Start doing.

Hey creatives! Discover niches that can actually make you money,
launch your online store and drive thousands of people to your shop.

Join the 5 day course that’s completely, totally & utterly free.


It’s time to turn thinking into doing.
Stop thinking about what you could achieve.
Stop feeling jealous of seeing other online businesses take off.
Stop telling yourself you need a bigger budget and more hours in each day.
Stop doubting your creative talent can make you money.

Just make it happen.
I’ll hold your hand for the first 5 days too. Pinky promise.


I’ll tell you how to discover your profitable niche. Launch your creative online biz on Etsy. Gain the know-how to drive real people to your shop. In just 5 days.

  • DAY 1

    The ah ha moment

  • DAY 2

    Setting up shop

  • DAY 3

    Taking beautiful photos

  • DAY 4

    Get found in the WWW

  • DAY 5

    Grow your tribe

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  • Every bit of information on your 5 part course was spot on and gave me so much motivation to do better. My time right now is where I lack, as a Mommy of 3 young boys, but am doing everything in my power to make it through. I am so thankful everyday that I can say, I work for myself and I will make it work and I am part of a wonderful thing! Your information, provided me with so much knowledge and I couldn't thank you more. A true, true, true, THANK YOU!

    KristieMidnight Owl Candle Company
  • I have been doing this for so long, and I felt like I had forgotten everything I had learned over the years when my business was undergoing a rebrand. Your emails have helped to put it back in perspective for me, and let me know that I do actually know what I am doing. I just wanted to let you know that your 5-day email course was a great comfort (and inspiration) through my anxieties.

  • I really enjoyed your 5 day course! It was easy and quick to digest with so much good content that I feel like I will have plenty to do over the next month. Thank you so much for putting this out there and sharing your knowledge. Thanks a bunch!

    TabithaFox Hollow Design Co